Where we meet 

The Club meets inside the Colonial Heritage Club House, 6500 Arthur Hills Drive, within the Colonial Heritage community.  Visitors can enter the community using

the main entrance on Richmond Road (across from Go-Karts Plus).  Use the lane marked "Guests" and register at the Guard House.  Then drive past the first intersection and park in the lot on your right.

Board of Directors:

President: (open position)

Vice President: (open position)

Treasurer: (open position)

Secretary: (open position)

A Monthly Educational Forum of Timely Investment Topics, Tactics, and Discussions.

     The Colonial Heritage Investment Club is open to anyone living in the Williamsburg, VA area with a current or renewed interest in investing, regardless of experience.  Our monthly meetings are suitable for beginning investors, seasoned traders, and even people who work with an investment advisor or broker but who want to know more about the markets and how they work.

     Our meetings cover a wide range of investment topics through presentations, member discussions, and question-and-answer periods ... always with a common goal of helping our members learn more about the markets, current trends, portfolio management, and investment alternatives.  The club is especially suitable for people who are retired or planning to retire and seek to preserve or grow their capital. The Club does not invest money, buy securities, provide specific investment advice, or permit sales presentations. 

     If all this sounds interesting to you, consider attending our next meeting as a guest.  We'd like to meet you ... and have you meet us!  There's no obligation to join.

Discussions, conversations, and presentations conducted during the Club's meetings are for the sole evaluation and consideration of the Club's members and guests and do not constitute a recommendation to purchase, sell, or hold securities, nor do they constitute a fiduciary relationship, expressed or implied, with members or guests.  Club membership is not a substitute for counsel from a professional investment advisor, accountant, or attorney.

Next Meeting:

To be determined

 "Our goal is to help people grow their portfolios over time."